She fought for our schools. Now she’s fighting for our city.

Democrat for Delegate in District 94

Strengthening Our Economy

Prioritizing working families and fighting for better jobs, and higher wages.

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Defending Healthcare

Expanding access, bringing down drug prices, and defending women’s rights.

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Investing in Schools

Raising teacher pay, improving infrastructure, and ensuring our students are prepared for the future.

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Remember 2017?

You might recognize the name Shelly Simonds. Most Virginians aren’t likely to forget what happened when she ran for Delegate in 2017…

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Shelly with family

Meet Shelly Simonds

Shelly Simonds is a local entrepreneur, an educator, and a community leader. She currently serves as a Newport News School Board member so she knows how to bring people together to find common-sense solutions and get things done.

About Shelly

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