What happened in 2017?

It all came down to one ballot, a tie, and two names in a bowl.

Shelly Simonds’ name wasn’t drawn that day, but she was the one who inspired thousands not to give up on a more progressive Virginia. Because after the election, voters in the district and beyond showed their support. Shelly kept on fighting and in 2019 she won!

“Every vote counts.”

Across the district, Shelly connected with her supporters through mutual disappointment.  She learned more about the district, the issues, and the voters. She started blogging and telling her story. How her opponent out-raised her by thousands of dollars, and she still received more votes. What changed after 2017 and what didn’t?

“I didn’t feel alone. We all knew that any of us could have found that one vote, so finding it next time will be a team effort.”

Shelly is still passionate about Virginia politics, and the community where she and her family have built their life. She’s still a teacher, a parent, and an entrepreneur dedicated to making this district great.

What has changed is the electoral map.

Newport News was affected in 2011 by racial gerrymandering that created split precincts and mass voter confusion. Now that the lines have been redrawn, many will be voting for the first time. As a member of the House of Delegates, Shelly will fight for fair and non-partisan redistricting in Virginia.

“Our tied elections should be decided by a special election, not a drawing.”

When Shelly’s name wasn’t drawn out of that bowl, the GOP- majority in the House of Delegates failed to pass any legislation on:

  • Gun safety
  • Minimum Wage
  • The Equal Rights Amendment
  • Education, funding for school counselors which was in the Governor’s Budget
  • Firefighters getting workers compensation for cancer (Cancer Presumption bills)
  • Clean Energy, more homegrown solar power with the “Solar Freedom” bills
  • Gender equity, passing anti-discrimination laws in housing and public employment
  • Gun safety
  • Minimum Wage
  • The Equal Rights Amendment, gender equity, and anti-discrimination laws
  • Funding for school counselors, an issue in the Governor’s Budget
  • Cancer Presumption Bills for Firefighters (workers’ comp for cancer)
  • “Solar Freedom” bills and other clean energy solution

These are issues Shelly is fighting for today as Delegate. If these are your priorities, too, make sure you’re registered to vote. Your vote, and your voice, could help make change happen in Virginia.

Here’s how it all happened…

On Nov. 8, 2017, the race went to a recount and on Dec. 19th the result of the recount was announced with Shelly Simonds ahead by one vote.
The day after the recount, three judges and a single ballot officially decided the result a tie when an over-vote was ruled a valid vote for Yancey.
On Jan 4, 2018, the election came down to a drawing of lots, instead of another vote.