Shelly with group having a conversation

Jobs and the Economy

As Delegate, Shelly’s number one priority will be creating a Virginia economy that works for everyone. Too many of our citizens miss out on the American dream. This is why Shelly is dedicated to bringing good, well-paying jobs to Newport News, and why she strongly supports raising the minimum wage. Economic growth should benefit everyone.

And to turn that belief into a reality, Shelly is committed to developing our workforce, investing in working families, strengthening small businesses, and empowering women at work.

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As a Newport News School Board member and former Spanish teacher, Shelly has the experience to fight for the highest quality education for our children. She is a longtime advocate for excellence in public schools, and will bring bold ideas and meaningful programs to our children’s education.

Shelly is focusing her efforts on investing in teachers, connecting students to careers, and closing the achievement gap.

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Shelly believes healthcare is one of the defining issues of our time. Too many Virginians don’t have access to the care they need and drug prices are too high.

As Delegate, Shelly will make a priority of defending Healthcare and reducing drug prices, and making sure we protect women’s healthcare rights.

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Energy and the Environment

Shelly got her start in politics as an environmental activist working with the League of Conservation Voters. As Delegate, Shelly will be a staunch defender of our environment, and will fight to make Newport News a green city with a bright future.

She will focus her efforts on fighting for sustainable, green communities, supporting clean energy, funding City Farm, and reducing traffic by expanding transit solutions.

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Criminal Justice Reform

Shelly knows criminal justice reform in Virginia needs to be a bipartisan effort, and she looks forward to getting to Richmond to work with Republicans on this crucial issue. Virginia has the 8th highest incarceration rate in the country, with many people convicted for nonviolent drug offenses. We spend $25,000 per inmate per year—money that could be used to fix our roads and bridges and invest in our children’s’ future. We as a state can reduce crime and save money on incarceration if we work together on adopting reforms that have already worked in other states.

Among Shelly’s priorities for Criminal Justice reform are advocating for preventative reform, and strong community policing.

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Civil Rights

Shelly is a strong advocate for civil rights and will always stand up to defend vulnerable members of our community. We need stronger leadership in the General Assembly to stand up to hatred and bigotry now more than ever.

Shelly is committed to addressing racism and religious bigotry, as well as LGBTQ rights.

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