Criminal Justice Reform

Preventative Reform

As Delegate, Shelly will be committed to promoting preventative criminal justice reforms so that fewer people end up in prison and more people get the help they need to stay out. She’ll start by advocating for rewriting school discipline law and mandatory reporting of misdemeanors to law enforcement so that school children don’t get caught up in the criminal justice system. She’ll work to reform mandatory minimum sentencing in Virginia to allow sentence modification for juveniles, and she will fight hard to increase funding for mental health and addiction services so that our prisons don’t serve as makeshift treatment centers.

Strong Community Policing

Shelly is a strong believer in community policing and knows the General Assembly can do more to encourage strong bonds between the men and women that wear blue and the communities they serve. Shelly will fight to increase funds for police training and technical assistance in Newport News and encourage community policing everywhere.