Good Government

Shelly believes that is critical that we build back trust in our government and institutions, to make sure that everyone can participate in our democracy enthusiastically. That is why Shelly supports the following reforms to help re-build trust and combat cynicism in our government.

Ban Contributions from Public Service Corporations

Shelly believe in leveling the financial playing field in politics and in passing legislation that will have a meaningful impact on climate issues in the General Assembly

Require Employers to Give Time Off to Vote

Shelly believes this will increase civic participation and ensure that all Virginians have real access to the ballot box. Making sure everyday people have their voices heard is a fundamental step to helping balance out the scales of political influence.

Allow Localities to Establish Voluntary Public Financing Systems for Local Elections

This would limit the influence of big money and make small donors the most powerful force in campaigns to ensure community leaders with grassroots support can run for office without having to rely on wealthy donors and corporate special interests. By allowing more people to contribute and shape election outcomes, we’ll get better representatives for the communities who have been left out and left behind.