Lowering the Costs of Prescription Drugs

The Trump administration has shown America what Republicans really care about when it comes to healthcare. Rather than find ways to improve existing law, Republicans continue to try to rip away healthcare from millions of Americans and create a system worse than the one that existed before the Affordable Care Act. Shelly’s top priority as Delegate will be to protect our healthcare and pass legislation to prohibit price gouging in prescription drugs. The Secretary of Health and Human Resources should be able to designate certain generic and off-patent drugs as essential to prevent unreasonable price increases.

Protecting Women’s Rights

A longtime member of Planned Parenthood and lifetime defender of women’s rights, Shelly will always fight for women’s reproductive health. She believes the government has no business interfering in a woman’s private medical decisions. Shelly knows every woman in Virginia must have access to cancer screenings, prenatal health, and family planning services. Our whole society suffers when women can’t get the reproductive healthcare services they need.