Energy and the Environment

Healthy, Sustainable, Green Communities

Shelly has always been an advocate for land conservation and will fight to improve Newport News’ land use accessibility for all residents. As Delegate, she is protecting the James River from toxic substances like coal ash disposal, and she will demand monitoring of air quality in southeast Newport News to ensure that residents aren’t breathing polluted air. She will protect the Chesapeake Bay by funding land conservation and Best Management Practice agricultural programs.

Clean Energy

Shelly knows the threat climate change poses to coastal Virginia. We need to act now. That’s why she supports solar and offshore wind energy generation, and will lead the charge in making Virginia a truly green, renewable and sustainable state. She will always oppose the expansion of fracking and uranium mining in the Commonwealth.

City Farm

Shelly is a champion for Riverview Farm Park. As Delegate, she will fight to bring state funding to City Farm to expand the park to the James River while defending the land against developers. Protecting City Farm will ensure all Newport News residents have public access to the riverfront and to the recreational opportunities so important to maintaining community health.


Without access to adequate transportation services, too many Newport News residents struggle to commute. In Richmond, Shelly will work hard to reduce traffic and make transit a more affordable and accessible experience. She will advocate for increased funding for better pedestrian and bike access across the peninsula, and she will ensure our tax dollars on transportation are well spent.